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Company Elmar - Aroma Care has a long experience in purchase, processing, trade and export of medicinal and aromatic plants and production and sale of essential oils. Collection of medicinal and aromatic plants and production of essential oils are performed in accordance with the standards of organic production. Certificate for organic processing of medicinal and aromatic plants is in accordance with Ecocert, and NOP for the placing on the U.S. market. Company produces approx 20  high quality organic essential oils and more than 30 high-concentrated hydrolate.

For rafining self-raised aromatic plants we dispose of two high quality hydro-distillators with capacity of 1200 and 800 litres.

Processing of especially interesting fresh aromatic plants our company will produce in hydro-diffusor, with capacity of 1500 litres, in the year 2010. So, we will give to the market essential oils and flower waters - hydrolates of extremely quality.

Company ELMAR AROMA CARE since 2000 is engaged in the production of natural cosmetic products based on completely natural organic ingredients (essential oils, aromatic extracts, hydrolate, honey, cold oils, etc.) in order to preserve strength of natural active components without any artificial additives and preservatives.

In the year 2008 the company, in collaboration with the company Belmar from Germany, became one of the pioneers of the promotion and distribution of ready-made eco-products from the Balkans in Europe. We have developed a line of shampoos (for normal, oily and dry hair, and shampoos for dandruff control) and the same are certified by Swiss certifier IMO according to international standard for natural cosmetics – NaTrue. These shampoos are classified as organic and as such are unique in Europe.

Our cooperation, which is very close and lasts for eight years, continues and currently we are in process of certification of cosmetic products for face and body care /cream, milk and facial mask, body gel/.

The common idea of our business with the company Belmar has created a very strong bond that has allowed us a long-term cooperation. The main idea is respect for nature, the infatuation of her beauty, the collection of its fruits to reasonable limits that guarantee the preservation of its resources for future generations.

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